You strive to be a reliable and trustworthy guide for clients in the complex world of healthcare insurance and benefits. We deliver solutions that allow you to have intelligent conversations with your clients about flexibility, cost control, and plan performance. We support you by:

  • Helping you craft a healthcare program that fits your client’s unique situation
  • Handling all behind-the-scenes support for smooth operation
  • Ensuring that you are well-compensated as the client benefits financially
  • Encouraging long-term collaboration as you monitor performance and make adjustments

Unique Solutions to Your Client’s Challenges

People 1st Health Strategies offers a wide variety of products, with each designed to meet a particular client need.

  • Our flagship product, Client’s Choice, gives clients the power of self-funding but with the risk mitigation of controlled cash flow.
  • We also offer HRA administrations, HSA-qualified plans, and MERPS.
  • We work with products such as nationally-recognized PPO Networks, self-funded dental programs, vision programs, voluntary benefits, and various pharmacy programs to find the right solution to your client’s unique needs.

A Team That Makes You Look Good

Our goal is to reduce hassle and low value activity for you and the client. Choose how you would like to be involved. As an experienced TPA, People 1st can assume responsibility for every aspect of the plan’s operation, from enrollment to employer / employee portals to claims processing to customer service to comprehensive reporting.

More Revenue for You, Savings for the Client

Our solutions allow your clients to provide benefits that better suit their workforce, but with cost controls that better suit their income statement. And brokers typically benefit from 30% higher commissions compared to fully insured programs.

Beyond the Traditional Quoting Cycle

You want a relationship with your clients beyond an annual quote. Our programs are designed for long-term conversations with clients. We give you the ability to not only create a package that is precisely designed for the client’s current needs, but to evaluate performance and make adjustments over time.