The right benefits are critical for finding and keeping the right employees. But every year brings the same challenge:

  • How bad is the price increase?
  • Do we need to cut benefits?
  • Do we need to increase employees’ contributions?

We tackle these challenges head on by designing innovative solutions that give you more flexibility, better cost control, and more insight into how your benefits program is performing.

Our programs

  • Meet your needs, not the supposed needs of the average organization
  • Are proactively managed for you by our benefits team to free your time for organizational growth and development
  • Deliver actual results over the long-term to make a difference in both employee culture and the bottom line.


Our programs aren’t one-size-fits-most. We work with you and your preferred broker to identify your unique challenges. We evaluate your demographics and culture, workforce objectives, current benefits, employee benefit usage, and benefit strategy.


We design a solution to suit you with a range of options. We have several frameworks to build from.

Our flagship product, Client’s Choice, is ideal for employers with a team of 25 or more. It allows you to take advantage of the power of self-funding, but with reduced risk to your cash flow. We also work with a variety of other solutions such as Medical Expense Reimbursement Plans (MERPs), voluntary benefits, pharmacy and prescription programs, and Gap plans to target your specific challenges.

And since benefits are only as good as the employee’s experience, we work with premium healthcare networks including Cigna Health Insurance and CVS Caremark to give your employees access to great care.


Execution matters. We know your employees need to understand the program, to get enrolled, and to have access to the right resources. We work with you and your broker to educate, encourage, and support your team. We make sure that once employees and their families are enrolled, they have access to their online employee portal and understand how to use their provider networks.

We also work with your key personnel to get acquainted with the employer portal. And for Client’s Choice we establish a regular schedule of calls with you and your broker to review the program’s performance.


Our goal is to give you greater flexibility, better cost control, and meaningful insight into your benefit program’s performance. To do this, we take a long-term approach. We collaborate with you and your broker to evaluate performance, make adjustments, and continuously strive for better solutions.

We work with you to provide superior vendor relationships in order to best manage your health plan. Just a few examples include: tele-medicine programs, prescription drugs cost-saving options, wellness programs, employee healthcare decision tools, superior PPO networks, HSA-qualified plans, customized plan designs, and robust reporting packages.

Benefits are too important to ignore, and they’re too costly to simply hope for a manageable annual increase. We’re a partner to employers who are willing to work proactively on this critical challenge.